Using Upptime (that's not a typo!)

January 2, 2021
2 minute read
software development

Last week I came across Upptime which is a very cool tool to monitor uptime and performance of websites. What I like particularly is that it runs purely on Github using Github Actions: no other service to register no chance the provider goes out of business (asuming of course Github remains online). I had used some software in the past to check for performance and uptime of websites but they were either expensive or cumbersome to use or both.

It’s very simple to setup if you follow the steps in their Getting Started Guide. There were only two small issues:

Even with these hiccups it took me no longer than 30 minutes to have it up and running including notifications to Telegram. I’m almost looking forward to the first outage to see if that also works.

For now I’m happy with a nice status page. Next thing to do will be integration into slack but for that I need to figure out if I can send notifications for only on of the sites I monitor.

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